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Sinead, Mary and Martha Record for Charity
Irish music icon invites soul legend and young survivor to remake her classic 1996 ballad as anthem for child sex trafficking movement

Two years ago, Fuel set out on a mission to convince Grammy-winning Irish rocker and child advocate Sinead O’Connor to re-record her 1996 song “This Is to Mother You” to raise awareness about a trailblazing non-profit called GEMS and the needs of girls and young women exploited and trafficked in the commercial sex industry.  18 months later, we received a simple email with her enthusiastic yes.

Her first choice for a collaborator?  The equally legendary Mary J Blige.  Fuel then emailed Blige, who offered up her voice to the project based on her longtime love of Sinead’s work and the power of the cause behind the project.  Next, Fuel invited supervising producer Paul Heck of the charity music powerhouse Red Hot Organization, who brought producers Martin “Doc” McKinney (Sting, Alice Smith) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Tribe Called Quest) and mixer Joe Zook (Kelly Clarkson, Timberland) to our team.  Finally, Sinead invited emerging vocalist Martha B, a survivor and ridiculously talented singer, to join her and Mary on the track.

On December 2nd, 2009 the song released on iTunes and other major retailers with executive production by Fuel founder Bridgit Antoinette Evans and GEMS founder Rachel Lloyd (Showtime’s Very Young Girls) and has already raised thousands in funds to support GEMS services for sex trafficking survivors.  We are in love with this project – take a listen on Sinead’s Myspace page, watch exclusive videos, and BUY THIS SONG.



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