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Dear Craigslist: Girls Are Not for Sale

Most people in the United States don’t know that more than 100,000 American children – primarily girls – are victims of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. But the incredible team at GEMS: Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, has been fighting to change this for more than a decade with award-winning programs, services for victims and survivors, outreach to detention facilities and group homes, training for law enforcement and other first responders, and numerous awareness-raising projects and campaigns.

Two years ago, GEMS released their first feature-length documentary, Very Young Girls, on Showtime to share the daily struggles of girls and young women served by GEMS as they fight to recover from the trauma of child sex trafficking and exploitation. With Fuel’s help, GEMS partnered with Netflix to make the film available on DVD and online. To date, the film has been viewed by over 3 million people in 8 countries.

But GEMS’ fight is far from over. Today, websites including the wildly popular serve as a virtual marketplace for the buying and selling of girls through their ‘Adult Services’ ad sections. While Craigslist disputes the accusation that they are ‘the world’s richest and most powerful pimp’, a recent New York Times story projects that the website will reap more than $36 million in revenue from their sex ad service. A large portion of this revenue will come directly from the trafficking of children.

Join GEMS, and many other human rights organizations in telling Craigslist that the selling of children on their site is real and really unacceptable.

Sign the petition today.



GEMS Founder Rachel Lloyd’s Open Letter to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster

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