Our Vision

Founded by Bridgit Antoinette Evans in 2008 after more than 15 years of artistic production, strategic communications and community mobilization work, Fuel | We Power Change is a creative studio and social movement builder’ dedicated to helping urgent causes gain a national or global support base through ground-breaking campaigns, strategic communications and creative productions. These initiatives are developed in collaboration with a range of partners including other social change organizations and entrepreneurs, socially responsible corporate brands, media outlets, and high profile/emerging artists. At our core is the belief that artists and the creative industries are extremely powerful yet underdeveloped assets in the movement for progressive social change.

Artists are undervalued assets.

Creative professionals have proven to be invaluable collaborators in social marketing/media campaigns that change public perception, alter behavior, and inspire action in response to urgent issues that affect us all. They are also master communicators, breathing life into statistics, telling stories of human suffering and triumph in a voice people want to hear, and bringing a keen imagination to the tasks at hand.  And equally significant, artists control five of the most influential communications platforms in the world today – music, film, television, theater, and visual/graphic art. Every day, we act, feel, choose and change because of something an artist has done.

Non-profit organizations need people to care.

The non-profit sector is filled with passionate individuals whose ideas and strategies are making a real impact on countless causes around the world.  Their leaders are seasoned change-makers, and their staff, board and volunteers work with great determination each and every day to deliver the services, resources and hope needed to make today’s crises tomorrow’s history.  Despite this incredible productivity, however, organizations often struggle to share their message – to find the right words and ways to compel the public to invest heart and soul in their mission.  They need fresh, even irreverent, ideas that transform their messaging and programs into the talk of the day.  They struggle to convey the beauty and humanity – and the pain – of the people or planet they serve.  They need creative solutions.

Fuel connects the dots to optimize the potential of this ‘marriage’ of two powerful sectors.

Our Approach


With our non-profit partners, we develop strategic plans that include developing artist partnerships, cause-related events, social marketing campaigns, creative collaborations, corporate partnerships, press opportunities, and more. Our goal is simple: to transform important and compelling social causes into ‘household names’ within target communities by forging innovative collaborations across various communications sectors. From project/team management for national campaigns, to brand identity and communications planning, celebrity-cause partnering, and traditional/social media collaborations, Fuel empowers our partners to uncover their most powerful voice and share it with the world.


For artist partners, we facilitate their work with issue experts and professionals in the field, preparing them to thoughtfully act in response to complex social issues. We facilitate the artists’ direct collaboration with key non-profit staff and high-level thought leaders, and, with media and corporate partners who can help them bring their cause to the forefront of public discourse. fuel’s artist-partners are individuals who possess the intelligence and passion to become life-long agents of change. Some fuel artists are social change entrepreneurs – creating their own foundations or other enterprises to address issues that matter to them. Other artists become ambassadors for our non-profit partners – working to generate resources for communities across the globe.

Measurable Results

With non-profit and entertainment industry partners in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, Paris, London, and Capetown, Fuel’s team has helped more than 100 high-profile public figures work meaningfully on behalf of a range of causes.

Award-Winning Vision

Fuel’s founder Bridgit Antoinette Evans is an award-winning social entrepreneur who brings more than 10 years of leadership experience in the areas of celebrity activism and philanthropy, social marketing, corporate partnering, talent production, project management, and event, campaign, web, and video shoot production to Fuel’s valued partners.

Visible Results

Fuel’s projects and partnerships have generated media coverage for our artist, non-profit and brand partners in NY Times, NY Daily News, NY Post, Washington Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Reuters, People Magazine, Rolling Stone, InStyle, VIBE Magazine, Essence, ABC News, CNN, NBC News, BBC News, MTV News, AOL, and other top outlets.

Increased Exposure

Fuel assists causes achieve “household name” status in popular culture by fostering partnerships between organizations and major entertainment industry institutions for concert tours, TV storylines, product placements, charity music projects, all-star events, and other high-impact collaborations. Recent industry partners include Paramount Pictures, United Artists, MGM, Dreamworks, NBC Universal, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Interscope Records, MySpace, LiveNation, Clear Channel, SPIN Magazine, and more.