A Love Story

I had a hunch.

I launched Fuel based on a simple observation: innovative partnerships between artists and non-profit organizations have fueled every major social change movement in recent history. From the global fight against AIDS/HIV to the evolution in the climate change debate, the American civil rights movement,  the South African apartheid struggle, and the emerging outcry against human trafficking, artists have been there, working on the front lines alongside activists and world leaders.

But it was a furtive love affair, this relationship between artists and humanitarians.  Meeting occasionally in gala ballrooms, trading impulsive love notes in the press, linking arms at peace rallies, or dashing off together to far-off lands, only to return to the glare of workaday demands that made it difficult to truly get to know one another.

The time had come.

It was time for artists and humanitarians to finally tie the knot.  Go legit.  Get hitched.  Create the infrastructure, resources and traditions needed to ensure that this ‘perfect match’ could stand the test of time.  And so, on New Year’s Day of 2008, I established Fuel to build on the nearly 10 years I’ve spent managing the evolving relationships of artists and humanitarian organizations. The idea was simple: provide meaningful, organized opportunities for the two sectors to meet, help them find the right way to work together, and more importantly, give them the tools to sustain their relationships in the long-term.

They Do.

Today, Fuel collaborates with dozens of artists and NGOs engaged in long-term partnerships that are changing the world.  More than 50 artists came together for the Live for Darfur Artists campaign lead by Academy Award-nominated actor Don Cheadle.  Rihanna’s work on behalf of YouthAIDS is helping thousands of young people in Russia and Haiti.  Ryan Seacrest’s efforts to end malaria helped raise over $100,000 for Malaria No More.  And Demi Moore, Beyonce Knowles, Halle Berry, Sinead O’Connor and Mary J Blige helped Girls Educational and Mentoring Services tell millions of Americans about the struggles of girls and young women surviving child sex trafficking.

There are so many stories, and we hope you will take the time to view our case studies, read the press, and explore the websites of our partner organizations.  And if you are an organization with a mission worth sharing (we know you are), we invite you to be in touch. We’ve got work to do.


Bridgit Antoinette Evans
President & Founder



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