Our vision is simple: to build a world where the creative industries and the non-profit sector work hand in hand – with sustained commitment – to address real-world social challenges. We pursue this vision by partnering with non-profit organizations, artists and brands on large-scale campaigns and other projects that draw on our expertise in four core areas:

Cultivating Artists As Leaders

Fuel develops exciting, game-changing partnerships with high-profile and emerging artists who are passionate about causes we believe in.

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Building Social Movements

Fuel plans and implements national or international campaigns that establish causes and organizations as leaders in their field.

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Create. Produce. Change.

Making art is what artists do best.  Fuel designs and produces music recordings, live theater, video PSAs, films, photo essays and ads and digital interactive that take important causes to the next level.

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Amplifying Voices

In the current media landscape, Fuel partners with leading social entrepreneurs and organizations to develop more creative, more daring and more consistent messaging to share their mission and engage supporters.

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Consulting & Technical Assistance

In addition to our internally produced campaigns and projects, Fuel builds capacity of non-profit organizations to partner with artists, develop game-changing campaigns, and produce innovative creative collaborations by providing consulting services on a per project basis. If you are a non-profit organization interested in our artist partnering, campaign planning and management, or creative production services, please  contact us to schedule a phone call to discuss further. We look forward to conspiring with you.

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